Smeg SO6102M2N combi oven

Smeg inbouw combi oven/magnetron 
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Oven (multifunctioneel):
21 functies;

Upper and lower element only: a traditional cooking method best suited for single items located in the centre of the oven. the top pf the oven will always be hottest. Ideal for roast, fruit cakes, bread etc.  Statisch A FULL STEAM oven has 3 steam COMBINATION cooking functions available, and it is also possible to use it to cook with PURE steam only. The steam is adjustable between 30% and 70% and there is the option of 100% pure steam if required. The water is loaded into the oven before cooking via an automatic loading tube. The oven calculates the exact amount of water required for the desired cooking function, up to 1.2lt. Water is introduced into the cavity, and becomes steam during cooking. Continuous steam is generated based on the setting at the start of cooking. Geventileerd
Lower heating element only: This function is ideal for foods that require extra base temperature without browning, e.g. pastry dishes, pizza. Also suitable for slow cooking of stews and casseroles. Circulaire Grill element: Using of grill gives excellent results when cooking meat of medium and small portions, especially when combined with a rotisserie (where possible). Also ideal for cooking sausages and bacon. Grote vlak-grill
ECO: The combination of the grill, fan and lower element is particularly suitable for cooking small quantities of food. ECO Circogas: In gas ovens the fan distributes the heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven cavity, avoiding flavour transfer when cooking a number of different dishes at the same time. In electric ovens this combination completes cooking more quickly of foods that are ready on the surface, but that require more cooking inside, without further browning. Onderwarmte
Pizza function: Specific function for cooking pizza in a pan. It allows to obtain a pizza that is soft inside and crispy outside with the topping perfectly cooked, not dry and not burnt. Pizza Ontdooien op tijd
 Magnetron Cooking with the simultaneous use of the heating element in combinationwith fan and microwave supply. Geventileerd
 Circulaire Microwave + grill element: The use of the grill results in a perfect browning of the surface of the food. The action of microwaves allows instead of cooking in a short time the internal part of the food. Magnetron + grill
Dedicated cooking function for the rectangular refractory stone PPR2 Dimensions Ideal for cooking pizzas with the same results as a typical wood-fired oven. Can also be used for baking bread, focaccias and other recipes such as pies, flans or biscuits stone cooking Dedicated cooking function for the double sided plate BBQ. Suitable for recreating succulent and crispy dishes in the oven with the typical taste of grilled cooking. The ribbed side is particularly suitable for meats and cheeses; the smooth side for fish, seafood and vegetables. BBQ functie
Function to melt butter and chocolate without using the bain-marie Melt Speciale kookfunctie voor het Airfryerrek AIRFRY. Ideaal voor het nabootsen van traditioneel frituren in de oven, maar met minder calorieën en minder vet. Hiermee kook je snel en eenvoudig gerechten zoals frites, gebakken groenten en vis, waardoor ze perfect bruin en krokant worden. Airf-Fry
Sabbath Function to soften butter and cheese It is useful for quickly bringing frozen desserts to serving temperature The function can also be used to soften ice cream Soft
Function for the preparation of popcorn packaged in bags Popcorn Telescopic rails: allow you to pull out the dish and check it without having to remove it from the oven entirely. Vapor Clean
 Ultraclean: The Ultraclean option performs a final rinse at a high temperature of 70°c eliminating virtually all bacteria. Rijsfunctie

Akoestisch signaal einde kooktijd
Temperatuur instelbaar van 30° – 250 °C
5 kookniveaus voor ovenrooster
Snel voorverwarmen
Softclose deur
1 ventilator
Viervoudig glas
Ever Clean emaille

Netto inhoud: 68 liter
Grill element: 1,75 KW
Magnetron vermogen: 900 W

Aansluitwaarde: 3,00 KW

Accessoires (inclusief):
1 ovenrooster met stop
1 glazen ovenplaat
1 diepe bakplaat  5cm
1 inzetrooster
1 Smeg GTP telescopisch railsysteem, gedeeltelijk uitschuifbaar

Accessoires (optioneel):
Smeg PPR2 pizza steen
Smeg GTT telescopisch railsysteem, geheel uitschuifbaar
Smeg Air-Fry
Smeg BBQ

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